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Continuing Professional Development

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, creative and psychoeducational training, workshops andcontinuing professional development.
You are welcome to sign up for our trainings (those marked ‘open’) by reaching out on the contact form below.
Alternatively, please contact us to request tailored training delivery for you and your team.

AYA trainee workshop

Current Training Opportunities

Please do contact us if you wish to express an interest in training at AYA. You can complete the form to the right here. 

Thank you!

The As You Are Team

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Historic Trainings

Establishing Counselling Private Practice
Trauma Training
Suicide Prevention Training
Working with Self-Harm 
Pre-Trial Therapy
Talking about Sex in Therapy
Working with Survivors of CSA and Sexual Violence



We are deeply grateful to have received vital support to enable us to provide quality training and CPD events.
With gratitude,
The As You Are Team 

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