Psychoeducational Groups

Building community connections, increasing community resilience, and reducing isolation are hugely important to As You Are. 
For this reason we are committed to providing groupwork spaces which are accessible to those living within Sussex.

Group therapy

Current Groupwork Opportunities

Please use the form to express an interest in any psychoeducational support groups we have available, or check back here for changes.

Previous Groups

Here is a list of some of the psychoeducational groups AYA has been running over the past years to give you an idea of the topics we focus on:

Naming My Needs
Psychoeducational support group for self-identifying women. Focussed on identifying needs, setting and maintaining boundaries and managing emotional resilience.

Understanding Your Anger
Psychoeducational groupwork for all genders. Focussed on understanding your anger, and developing skills to manage behaviours that challenge.

Emotional Resilience
Groupwork for all genders with a focus on understanding emotions and building your capacity for coping with overwhelming emotions (including anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy etc.)

Groupwork for all genders. Building a community of bereaved, reducing isolation, and increasing understanding and coping around loss.

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AYA counselling trainee placements

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